Onimusha, The Wind That Cuts

Katana, its badass

weapon (melee)

+5 keen katana of speed

+5 Reflex saves

Gust of Wind at will

Miraku Strike- As a standard action, you can strike a single target within 60ft, adding all damage as it were a normal melee attack. If you concentrate for an addition round and/or use a Mythic point, the range doubles to 120ft.

While running you can use the winds to give power to your jumps. For each +1 modifier in STR, you may jump 20ft while running, and 10ft from standing.

If you are the target of a ranged attack (and you know it), you can strike the ammunition coming at you. You must succeed hitting the projectile by using its attacks as its AC. This applys to criticals, but not to natural 20s. This does not apply to spells. This is an immediate action that uses a Mythic point.

Onimusha is gifted to Ronin because he is The Wind Whisperer. It is a spectacular blade, perfect as it can be. The sword’s hilt is white and golden, however the blade itself is wreathed in typhoon winds and cannot be seen unless under very close inspection. It is midnight black with bright runes of power running along its length.


Given to Ronin by the Monkey King, this blade is reserved for the most powerful of Wind Whisperers. It can harness the very power of the wind, and even the Monkey King himself, with all of his great strength and knowledge does not know everything this weapon can do.

Onimusha, The Wind That Cuts