weapon (melee)

ghost touch huge +5 keen greatsword

4d6+5, 17-20 x4 critical

This massive blade should barely be called a sword. It resembles a sword only in shape, but the size and weight make it barely able to pick up, much less use in battle. Guts trains with it daily just to be able to use it, but he uses it with devastating power and efficiency. Once just a well made sword, its proximity to Guts post-God Hand and due to killing hundreds of demons and agents of darkness it has become more attuned to hitting and damaging those creatures.


The kind of Midland long ago asked all of the blacksmiths in the land to forge a sword that could kill a dragon. All blacksmiths created majestic pieces of steel and artistry, all but one. One blacksmith entered the court with a massive hunk of metal, claiming that it could kill any dragon in one strike. The king was tremendously insulted, claiming that the massive slab of metal presented to him could never be picked up, much less kill a dragon in one blow. The king banished the blacksmith forever for disgracing the court and his competition.
The blade, suitably dubbed Dragonslayer, was found many years later by Guts after loosing his sword. Although much heavier than his previous weapons, he can use it even without one of his hands, a true testimate to Guts’ strength.